Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Thats our starters by far.

Sylvias right, there are different names for the beads in the US and in Germany. Treasure beads are a substitute for Miyuki Delicas, in Germany well known, in the US hard to find. Toho Triangles are available in 11 and 8 ( 2 and 3mm), Miyukis Triangles are more rounded and available in differnet sizes. But besides this please feel free to use your imagination. Just remember the colors, and bead on.
Here are the colors the beaders used:
Angela      Aqua, teal, blue, if you use brown as an accent than only dark brown.

Angelica   Black, Black matte, Jet

Anke        frosted black and frosted crystal, shiny black is also possible, no hematit etc.

Britta        white grey silver, no black, even when there is black in the Starter.

Dulcey     light grey ab, light matte blue, medium matte blue,  black and white is also possible

Inge         Orange and copper, if you use Swarovski, then please just Fireopal

Marylou  Brown and Beige colours, not bigger than 20mm

Renate     black and silver, no silverlined, not bigger than 16mm

Sylvia       lemon green, light and middle green turquoise and middle blue colours, matte and shiny, not to loud.

Tynchen   differnet violet or purle colours with grey or / and silver

Ulli          a greyish matt iris brown, for Toho is this 614, for Miyuki for example 2013 As an accent            nickelplated.

Ute          blue iris and matte blue iris. For Toho 82 and 82f, for miyuki kind of 452. As an accent a light blue, for example light sapphire or light Aqua.

Dulcey, as it is a surprise for every one, the beaded beads should not be posted before every beader got theirs. You surely can post the other Starters, if you want to, why not, it would be a wonderful PR for us. But if you post your progress, the others will know, what you are beading for them. At the end you surely can show every bead you did, I'm very pleased and the other will surely feel the same.

I will post the other colors as soon as the starters are there.


Dulcey hat gesagt…

Thank you, Angelica! I didn't know that this was a surprise - that sounds great! I love a beady surprise.

I started on yours today. Maybe. If I like it. :)

Turmaline hat gesagt…

Did I not understand correctly? Are we supposed to use only black beads?

I made a starting bead but it is in light blue green colors. When you said any color but black, did you mean the beads have to be black?

I see everyone is making black beaded balls so I want to make sure?


Beadlibitum -Perlen nach Belieben hat gesagt…

Sylvia, I love to make a really bright-colored-beaded-bead for you... I don't why everybody wants to have to have black beads....