Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

Sylvia's Starting Bead

Finally, I am ready. Sorry I am a few days late.

My starting bead is made from Miyuki 11/0 beads with one Matsuno color.

Color numbers I can provide are the USA standard color numbers. We do not use the Miyuki numbering system, because we are used to numbering by groups based on the types of finishes and beads. Miyuki numbers are in no order except maybe when they created that bead color for the first time, the next number that was free to assign was given to that bead.

I used :
Yellow: Opaque 404B (lemon yellow)
Green1: Topaz glass colorlined with peridot makes a yellow green color (no number)
Green 2: Luster green 759 (medium green)
Green 3: F643A (Matte silverlined green) looks like a pale glow. Not loud like silverlined
Blue 1: F399C (These are Matsuno matte color lined in a blue ocean color)
Blue 2: 412D (Opaque luster turquoise light blue)

Please feel free to use beads in similar colors. This much detail is to make it easier to "see" my colors far away in Germany.
I have a 20 mm internal ball. I use plastic spheres instead of wood but wood is fine also especially with opaque and matte beads like this.

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