Samstag, 6. November 2010

Hier nun endlich meine Startperle. Es ist eine aufgemotzte Striped Bead. Gefädelt habe ich sie mit DB 1228 und 15/0 409 von Miyuki, sowie3 mm Swaros turquoise AB. Meine Beads wünsche ich mir nicht größer als 16 mm und in türkis/wasserblau/teal. Wenn, wie in meiner Startperle, braun mit drin ist, dann nur dunkelbraun und kein topaz. Allerdings sollte das Blau/türkis vorherrschen. Ich wünsche allen Mitperlerinnen viel Spaß!

Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

Sylvia's Starting Bead

Finally, I am ready. Sorry I am a few days late.

My starting bead is made from Miyuki 11/0 beads with one Matsuno color.

Color numbers I can provide are the USA standard color numbers. We do not use the Miyuki numbering system, because we are used to numbering by groups based on the types of finishes and beads. Miyuki numbers are in no order except maybe when they created that bead color for the first time, the next number that was free to assign was given to that bead.

I used :
Yellow: Opaque 404B (lemon yellow)
Green1: Topaz glass colorlined with peridot makes a yellow green color (no number)
Green 2: Luster green 759 (medium green)
Green 3: F643A (Matte silverlined green) looks like a pale glow. Not loud like silverlined
Blue 1: F399C (These are Matsuno matte color lined in a blue ocean color)
Blue 2: 412D (Opaque luster turquoise light blue)

Please feel free to use beads in similar colors. This much detail is to make it easier to "see" my colors far away in Germany.
I have a 20 mm internal ball. I use plastic spheres instead of wood but wood is fine also especially with opaque and matte beads like this.

Startperle Marylou

Meine Startperle ist eine Marinho nach Cordi.
Ich wünsche mir Beads die nicht größer als 20mm sind.
Farblich hatte ich gerne Braun /Beige Töne.
Verwendet habe ich Mijuki DB 1051 und DB 352 sowie Mijuki 15-592. Die Swarovski sind Smoke Topaz.

Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

Startperle Inge

Ich möchte gerne Orange-Töne und Kupfer z.B. Toho 222, wenn Swaros dann
in Fireopal.
Perlengröße nicht größer als 20 mm
Viel Spaß !

Startperle von Britta

Dies ist meine Startperle eine Teardrop Bubbles (Anleitung von Bead Origami).

Ich habe weiße Tropfenperlen und Seedbeads von Mijuki in der Farbe 15-2002(grau) und 11-401 (schwarz) sowie 15-402 (Weiß )verwendet.

Für meine Beads wünsche ich mir Weiß/Grau/Sibertönen.

Bitte kein Schwarz dazu verwenden auch wenn in der Startperle welche drin sind.

Die Beads sollten nicht größer als 25mm werden.

Viel Spaß beim Perlen!

Startperle Tynchen

Die Perle ist ca 15mm groß und ich habe die farben Tr-15-127 und MR-11-932, Swaros weiss ich die Farbe nicht ich denke mal auch irgendwie Lila.

Meine Perlen können bis 20mm groß sein ,Verschiedene Lilatöne mit Silber und Grau ist erwünscht.

Lg Tynchen

The Pearl is ca 15 mm in size and I have the colours of tr 15 127 and MR 11 932 Swaros I know the color not I think times also somehow mauve.

My beads can be up 20 mm in size, various purple tones with silver and grey is desired.

LG Tynchen

Dienstag, 2. November 2010

My Necklace from 2008 Swap

I have been very slow to post this picture, but finally it is here. And I put more pictures of it on my blog BeadAnnex.

I love this necklace.

Meine Startperle

Ich habe meine Startperle mit TT 049 schwarz, TR-15-558 und Swarovskiperlen 3mm bic. Crystal Silver Shade,
das Innenleben ist eine 15er Holzkugel.

Ich möchte meine Perlen nicht größer und in den angegeben Farben, also kein Hämatit auch kein Anthrazit und auch kein Silbereinzug.

Thats our starters by far.

Sylvias right, there are different names for the beads in the US and in Germany. Treasure beads are a substitute for Miyuki Delicas, in Germany well known, in the US hard to find. Toho Triangles are available in 11 and 8 ( 2 and 3mm), Miyukis Triangles are more rounded and available in differnet sizes. But besides this please feel free to use your imagination. Just remember the colors, and bead on.
Here are the colors the beaders used:
Angela      Aqua, teal, blue, if you use brown as an accent than only dark brown.

Angelica   Black, Black matte, Jet

Anke        frosted black and frosted crystal, shiny black is also possible, no hematit etc.

Britta        white grey silver, no black, even when there is black in the Starter.

Dulcey     light grey ab, light matte blue, medium matte blue,  black and white is also possible

Inge         Orange and copper, if you use Swarovski, then please just Fireopal

Marylou  Brown and Beige colours, not bigger than 20mm

Renate     black and silver, no silverlined, not bigger than 16mm

Sylvia       lemon green, light and middle green turquoise and middle blue colours, matte and shiny, not to loud.

Tynchen   differnet violet or purle colours with grey or / and silver

Ulli          a greyish matt iris brown, for Toho is this 614, for Miyuki for example 2013 As an accent            nickelplated.

Ute          blue iris and matte blue iris. For Toho 82 and 82f, for miyuki kind of 452. As an accent a light blue, for example light sapphire or light Aqua.

Dulcey, as it is a surprise for every one, the beaded beads should not be posted before every beader got theirs. You surely can post the other Starters, if you want to, why not, it would be a wonderful PR for us. But if you post your progress, the others will know, what you are beading for them. At the end you surely can show every bead you did, I'm very pleased and the other will surely feel the same.

I will post the other colors as soon as the starters are there.

TOHO bead abbreviations in German Usage

Hello non German speakers,

These are the meanings of the abbreviations associated with TOHO bead names in German stores:

TRD = Toho-Rund ( Rocailles-ähnlich) Round seed beads PLEASE specify 11/0 or 15/0
TTR= Treasure Rund ( Delika-ähnlich) ....da kommen aber erst noch neue Farben.
TTRIA = Triangel ( dreieckige Perlen)

to complicate matters more, Treasure beads are NOT round but cylindrical. And Treasure beads have been discountinued in the USA. Only Aikos are sold as a substitute for Delicas. And if you use triangles, PLEASE specify size. We have triangles in 8/0 10/0 and 11/0

Seeing this is an international swap, I hope we can be somewhat flexible about the exact brand of beads. TOHO beads are very hard to find in the USA. I hope Delicas and Miyuki beads can be accepted for this round robin.



Montag, 1. November 2010

Meine Start-Perle

Meine Start Perle ist die Galaxy- Bead nach Gill Slone

Meine verwendeten Perlen sind :-TT 82F, -TR15-82, -DB 692, und 4mm Swaros in dark indigo.

Ich wünsche mir dazu Perlen die Überwiegend in dunkelblau, also in TT 82F oder 82 gehalten sind mit dem hellblauen DB 692 (MR1643) als Akzent.Die Perlen sollten nicht größer als 20mm sein.

Dulcey's starting bead

Here is my starting bead. The beads I used are:
  • Delica 107 - light gray ab
  • Delica 357 - very light matte blue
  • Delica 377 - matte bright blue
  • hematite charlottes
  • 2mm jet Swarovski bicones
I would please like anything in a blue/black/gray/white combination that you think would look good with this bead. This was beaded over a 12mm wooden bead, with a finished size of about 15mm. Any bead smaller than about 18-20mm would be wonderful!

I have a couple of questions, since I am new to this. Is it okay for me to blog on my own blog about the beads that I make for you as I make them? My other question to each of you, is it also okay if I use your picture of your starting bead, giving you credit for your picture? I understand if you don't want me to do either one. Thanks!

(Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch lesen.)