Montag, 1. November 2010

Dulcey's starting bead

Here is my starting bead. The beads I used are:
  • Delica 107 - light gray ab
  • Delica 357 - very light matte blue
  • Delica 377 - matte bright blue
  • hematite charlottes
  • 2mm jet Swarovski bicones
I would please like anything in a blue/black/gray/white combination that you think would look good with this bead. This was beaded over a 12mm wooden bead, with a finished size of about 15mm. Any bead smaller than about 18-20mm would be wonderful!

I have a couple of questions, since I am new to this. Is it okay for me to blog on my own blog about the beads that I make for you as I make them? My other question to each of you, is it also okay if I use your picture of your starting bead, giving you credit for your picture? I understand if you don't want me to do either one. Thanks!

(Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch lesen.)


LUCY hat gesagt…

Preciosa pieza...........

Dulcey hat gesagt…

Thank you, Lucy!