Dienstag, 24. November 2009

My beads are here

Hallo zusammen,

My beads arrived yesterday, November 23. They are so beautiful, each one lovelier than the other. I cannot thank everyone enough for the lovely things you made for me.

Spectacular, extra special, wonderful!!!! I keep looking at my treasures like a child with a new toy.

Now to show you a necklace as soon as possible. These beads should not stay hidden in a box.

Angelica, I had never seen real hybrid beads. I think these are the purple shiny ones? They look wonderful. I think I will order a few hybrid beads myself.

And so many of you used 15/0 beads and 15 Delicas. I cannot believe how delicate and perfect your work is. Vielen Dank.


Turmaline, (there are so many Silvias and Sylvias on the board--I think Turmaline is a good name for me)

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